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The many roles we perform as business English trainers
2015-11-05 16:31

How can we define what we do when we “teach” English to corporate clients? There are many different terms used in the business world: teacher, trainer, facilitator, coach, strategist, consultant. What do they mean? Don’t we do something similar?

Reassessing the principles of teaching reading
2015-11-05 15:06

The last few years have seen the publication of thought-provoking research on reading skills, e.g. Khalifa and Weir (2008-9) and Grabe (2009). These studies indicate that the effectiveness of the ‘subskills’ approach is in doubt, e.g. teaching learners how to skim and read for gist.

Plenary by Peter Grundy
2015-11-05 14:23

Strange Seas of Thought: Literal Meaning and Language Teaching

Saturday 16th April, 2011 09.15 - 10.30 [Auditorium 2]


Interview with Marjorie Rosenberg
2015-11-06 15:21

Nik and Rob interview Marjorie Rosenberg

Needs analysis and ESP in an interconnected global environment
2015-11-06 11:12

In a world of increasing communicative complexity, where the boundaries between nations, institutions and disciplines are increasingly porous, how can ESP teachers and course designers deal with ever-shifting demands in the multicultural and multilingual workplace?