52nd Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition

Brighton, UK
10th-13th April 2018

Join us for IATEFL Online - live coverage of 2018 IATEFL Conference. If you can't attend this year’s IATEFL Conference, follow the event online! IATEFL Online coverage starts Tuesday 10th April, 2018.

Watch the conference plenaries and a selection of talks live. For updates on IATEFL Online 2018, follow IATEFL Online on twitter @iateflonline.

For IATEFL Online 2018 go to www.teachingenglish.org.uk/events/iatefl

IATEFL Online will provide live online conference coverage of the 2018 Brighton IATEFL Conference.

Watch the conference plenaries live. Our coverage will feature live talks, sessions and video interviews with conference presenters and delegates.

For updates on Brighton Online 2018, follow IATEFL Online on twitter @iateflonline


The IATEFL Online project is a British Council / IATEFL partnership.