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Cambridge English Signature Event

Session description

Scott Thornbury
Silvana Richardson
Jeanne McCarten
Monica Poulter

Session details:

The language debateSpeakers:
Scott Thornbury
Silvana Richardson
Jeanne McCarten
Monica Poulter

Chair - Michael Carrier

The Cambridge English Teaching Framework, along with most other ELT professional development frameworks, includes a focus on the teacher’s own language use. English is generally the medium of instruction, so the teacher’s own language becomes content and, as usually stated in frameworks, the teacher needs to be an accurate model. This raises a number of questions:

  • Which model? And can the teacher whose own language use is developing be an acceptable model?
  • Does more importance need to be given to use of the learners’ L1?
  • What sort of syllabus should a language improvement course for teachers focus on?
  • How different should such a syllabus be from a language improvement course for learners?

These questions will be explored in a panel session, with experts in the field discussing their views and experiences. The topic will then be opened up to the audience for further debate. 


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