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Monday 19th March
Time Venue Session Title Presenters Video
16:25 Argyle 2 New Strategies in EAP/ESP Teaching in Kazakhstan: Task-based Approach Saltanat Meiramova
Tuesday 20th March
Time Venue Session Title Presenters Video
10:40 Barra Fun with flashcards Weronika Sałandyk
10:40 Gala 1 Global Business Etiquette 101 Nikolina Korecic
10:40 Alsh 1 Creative teaching, creative learning Carol Read
10:40 Boisdale 2 Listen up and take notice: using (semi) authentic listening resources productively Rachael Roberts
10:40 Lomond It's all very well in theory but... PENNY UR
10:40 Alsh 2 Using mind maps in the classroom Miles Craven
10:40 Shuna Helping Students to Learn More Effectively through CLIL Andrew Drought
10:40 Docahrt 1 Bringing BEC Vantage to Life Marjorie Rosenberg
12:05 Staffa 'Non-native' English teachers on 4-week initial training courses: a study Jenny Johnson
12:05 Conference Center Exhibition Hall Construction of Identity in Teacher Candidates BIRSEN TUTUNIS
12:15 Dochart 2 From Me To You - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Alan Green
12:15 Shuna Scottish Qualifications Authority’s (SQA) Higher ESOL qualification Jill Murray
12:15 Leven Reading and Discussing Literature Online Chris Lima
12:15 Alsh 1 From book to web - practical tips for innovative course design Rui da Silva
12:15 Lomond Teaching young learners to think presentation Marion Williams
12:15 NESS The Se7en Deadly Sins of ELT Anthony Gaughan
12:15 Gala 1 English curriculum reform in China: ten years on Dave Huxtable
12:15 Carron 1 Pervasive Playfulness and Mobile Technologies for Embodied Language Learning Paul Driver
13:25 Poster Presentation Construction of Identity in Teacher Candidates BIRSEN TUTUNIS
14:00 Alsh 1 Collocations and Lexical Notebooks Shaun Dowling
14:00 Boisdale II Changing Schools: reasons, roles & the human factor Maria Sachpazian
14:00 Clyde Seven features of spoken grammar Ken Paterson
14:00 Gala 1 An ESOL study: its impact on a developing Scottish context Video Presentation
14:00 Barra Students' Conferences Towards An Era Of Sustainable Autonomous Learners Nesreen ElNesr
14:45 Morar What do Language Teacher Educators need? : Global skills, local practice Sue Leather
14:45 Gala 1 FACEBOOK - A FRIEND OR FOE Evelina Miscin
14:45 Barra (Crown Plaza Hotel) CLIL Activities
14:45 Dochart 2 Affective effective learning: promoting self-esteem and motivation through films Vera Cabrera Duarte
14:45 Dochart 2 What really shapes materials? Seyit Omer GOK
14:45 exhibition hall practices from EFL textbooks in Japan and China linfeng wang
15:00 Poster Presentation Educational standards for EFL in Austria.
16:05 Barra Symposium: The Psychology of Language Learning
16:05 Dochart 1 Symposium: Assessment for learner autonomy
16:05 Gala 1 Symposium: Innovations in TEYLs – lessons from Asia and the Middle East
16:05 Morar Symposium: Special needs and inclusive learning
16:05 Gala 2 The effects of Arabic on English writing of Petra University students AHMAD AL-HASSAN
16:05 Carron 2 Using key-word analysis to create LSP materials: identifying lexical layers Michael Nelson
16:05 Forth Using a Process Syllabus for Teacher Training Programs Elton LaClare
16:05 Unknown Special Needs and Inclusive Learning Symposium - Introduction
16:05 Morar Special needs and inclusive learning Sally Farley
16:05 Morar Strategies for inclusive teaching and learning Noreen Caplen-Spence
16:05 Morar Special needs and Inclusive learning symposium
16:05 Morar Special needs and Inclusive learning symposium
16:05 Barra The Psychology of Language Learning Symposium Symposium
16:05 Gala 1 Innovations in TEYLs - lessons from Asia and the Middle East Symposium Symposium
16:05 Dochart 1 Assessment for learner autonomy symposium Symposium Symposium
16:05 Alsh 2 Action research for professional development: an ideal or 'real' construct? Paula Rebolledo
16:05 Morar The effects of trauma, loss and disruptive attachment in a child’s early years and how this impacts on their ability to learn and behave in class. marie delaney
16:05 Barra Student and teacher identity perceptions in four European countries Florentina Taylor
16:05 Gala 1 Jekyll and Hyde in the Primary English Language classroom Teresa Doguelli
16:50 ALSH 1 Testing to teach: collaborative dialogue between teacher and learners NUPUR SAMUEL
16:50 Dochart 2 Will New Russian State Educational Standard Change EFL Market? Vera Bobkova
16:50 Alsh 2 Challenging monolithic models of English: An online tutorial Christopher Hall
16:50 Boisdale Connotations of Japanese Returnee English Maintenance and Usage Carol Begg
16:50 Ness Motivation: How to keep the ball rolling Reggie Agulha
17:35 Forth 52: a year of subversive activity for the ELT classroom Lindsay Clandfield
17:35 Boisdale 2 Your CLIL – Identifying and Activating General Academic Language Keith Kelly
17:35 Clyde British Council Signature Event: Global Primary ELT Issues John Knagg
17:35 Leven It was a Dark and Stormy Night: narratives at work Fitch O'Connell
17:35 Alsh2 Effective INSET programmes for CLIL teachers in an EFL context
17:35 Ness Observation and feedback: are they really necessary for teacher appraisal? Amanda Howard
17:35 Alsh 1 Inspiration with TED! Using to wow your students. Claire Hunter
17:50 Carron 1 The story of Debbie and Nyan Jamie Keddie
18:05 Carron 2 Academic English support program for ESL/EAL university students Sarah ter Keurs
18:05 Alsh2 English and National Identity Nada Eljack
18:05 Staffa Grandma starting from the nursery school Maria Estela Rondon
18:05 Dochart 2 Teachers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of the Learning Portfolio (LP) as a Curriculum Artifact Zeynep KIRECCI
Wednesday 21st March
Time Venue Session Title Presenters Video
09:00 Clyde Plenary session by Diana Laurillard
10:25 Lomond Who needs a teachers' book? Olwyn Alexander
10:25 Dochart 2 Filling the gaps: targeted English for struggling ESP undergraduates Adrian Millward-S...
10:25 Alsh 2 AzETA as a learning school Video Presentation
10:25 Boisdale 2 Do qualifications and experience affect teachers' attitudes to peer observation? Andrew Hart
10:25 Gala 2 Incorporating coaching into ELT Oliver Beaumont
10:25 Clyde Effective business communication skills for the International Manager Emma-Sue Prince
10:25 Boisdale 1 Taking the Stress Out of Writing Long Essays Rachel Clark
10:30 Alsh 1 The Expertise of Teachers and Medical Doctors: What Do They Have in Common as Professionals? Masataka Kizuka
11:30 Boisdale 1 English Language Education 2.0 Joanna Trzmielewska
11:30 Gala 2 From Nomads to iPads -are we pocketing education? Giselle Santos
11:30 ALSH1 Why webwikiblogstream? Using online support in teacher development Martin Goosey
11:30 Dochart 2 Will it blend? Integrating face-to-face and online learning. Irana Morrish
11:30 Boisedale 2 LIve listening - bringing teachers' voices back into the classroom. Bill Harris
11:30 Levon Performance Management of Teachers Vic Richardson
11:30 Alsh 2 Developing Business Skills through real recorded meetings Almut Koester
11:30 Gala1 Building and using field-specific corpora to enhance ESP teaching Manuela Reguzzoni
11:30 Staffa Out of the Media and into the Classroom Heather Buchanan
13:25 Forth Paying it Forward: coaching colleagues to ICT integration Anne Fox
13:35 Room 4 Learning Vocabulary in Today’s World Maria Lucia Sciam...
13:35 Carron 2 Creating a language learning app – concept to app store
13:35 Dochart 1 Zooming into the Reading Class: Prezi Hakan Senturk
13:35 Alsh 2 Applications of corpus analysis in EAP: research, learning, and teaching Martin Hewings
13:35 Forth Foyer New Ideas of Multicultural Approach to Foreign Language Teacher Education Liudmila Khalyapina
13:35 Interactive Language Fair Obstacles and solutions to e-learning with Second Life Business English and English4IT courses Kiros Langston
13:35 Gala 1 Using e-portfolios for alternative assessment
13:35 Staffa From teacher to trainer; creating sustainable trainer development projects in China. Keith O'Hare
13:35 Forth Web2(too).0(verwhelmed)? The light at the end of the tunnel Dina Dobrou
13:35 Interactive Language Fair Peer commentary made better Natalya Eydelman
13:35 Gala 2 Indeterminate articles and unaccountable nouns. Teaching NS CELTA trainees grammar Joanne Gakonga
13:35 Ness TOEPAS: the test of oral English proficiency for academic staff Pete Westbrook
14:10 Dochart 1 Dealing with Constructed Cultural ‘Reality’ in Japanese High School Coursebooks Mayumi Tanaka
14:35 Alsh 2 Past IT - from CALL to EdTech: a history... Gavin Dudeney
14:35 Carron 1 Vocabulary choice for tailored language courses – IT-based methods Helena Metslang
14:35 Boisdale 1 Student-directed feedback on writing
14:35 Ness Using VoiceThread as a Tool for Self-Assessment Tamatha Roman
14:35 Gala 2 Realistic Development for Inexperienced Teachers on Short Summer School Courses Duncan Jamieson
14:35 Lomond Enhancing students’ language acquisition through mobile technologies Nicky Hockly
14:45 Poster Presentation Cultivating Effective Peer Feedback Strategies in an Academic Writing Course Danielle Fischer
14:45 Poster Presentation A Speaking Course Design via Online Tools in Virtual Classes
15:00 Poster Presentation Questioning dichotomies in English language teaching William Green
15:05 Shuna ‘Thanks for that.’ Disseminating articles: is sharing knowledge worth it? Nicholas Northall
15:05 Gala 2 Technologies for ELT learning in Venezuela: Benefits of Screencasting MiguelMendoza
16:10 Dochart 1 Combining marketed coursebooks and teacher-developed materials: reasons, possibilities and implications Dario Banegas
16:10 Dochart 1 A Very Brief History of ELT Coursebooks Richard Smith
16:10 Boisdale 1 Dialogue in teacher training: a sociocultural perspective Willy Cardoso
16:10 Carron 1 Speak and Spell: Online phonics for YLs Jo Hayes
16:10 Jura Pragmatics and ELT - what we need to know (Peter Grundy) Peter Grundy
16:10 Carron 2 Symposium: Creating a culture of reading
16:10 Dochart 1 Symposium: ELT coursebooks: past, present, and possible
16:10 Carron 2 Writing tomorrow's readers Robert Campbell
16:10 Jura Why do foreigners nearly always sound wrong? Lubov Tsurikova
16:10 Jura Developing pragmatic awareness in Business English emails Rachele De Felice
16:10 Jura Learning pragmatics in CLIL classrooms Tarja Nikula
16:10 Lomond Getting the learners to ask the questions Tony Lynch
16:10 Jura Symposium - Pragmatics and ELT - what we need to know
16:10 Carron 2 Creating a culture of reading symposium Symposium Symposium
16:10 Dochart 1 ELT coursebooks: past, present, and possible symposium Symposium Symposium
16:10 Barra Raising awareness of ELF in an internationalising university Rachel Wicaksono
16:10 Jura Pragmatics and ELT Helen Basturkmen
16:10 Staffa Showcasing a trainer preparation programme for ELT Laxman Gnawali
16:10 Clyde Helping Chinese learners to learn English better Xiaobing Wang
16:10 Morar EAL provision in England: combining theory and practice or not? Clare Wardman
16:10 Leven From chefs to ninjas: habits in TEFL management Wiktor Kostrzewski
16:10 Jura Taking the Mystery out of Teaching Pragmatics Donna Tatsuki
16:10 Jura Teaching pragmatics using authentic texts: teachers' perspectives and practices Helen Basturkmen
16:30 Unknown Dealing with Constructed Cultural ‘Reality’ in Japanese High School Coursebooks Mayumi Tanaka
16:35 Leven Facilitating Change in ELT Practice Susan Barduhn
16:55 Forth 'What are youse guys doin'?' Expressing plural 'you' in English. Penny Hands
16:55 Shuna Symposium: Motivating learners in practice
16:55 Leven Putting the C and the P into CPD! Josh Round
16:55 Gala 2 No register! Using punctuation, modality and phraseology to teach email Alistair McNair
16:55 Gala 1 Teaching with spontaneity: using PDL in the classroom Eugene Schaefer
16:55 Alsh 2 New world new media Paul Woods
17:10 Dochart 1 An English Language Textbook Story from the 'House of TESEP' Alice Kiai
17:55 Boisdale 2 Go online: getting your students to use internet resources Sandy Millin
17:55 Dochart 2 Every cloud has a.....phrasal verb: Experimenting with wordles Anne Rocchiccioli
17:55 Clyde Interactive integration - the IWB as an effective classroom resource Paul Braddock
17:55 Alsh 2 Promoting authentic autonomy on CELTA courses Simon Brown
17:55 Forth Creating a Buzz with LingoBee mobile language learning app Barbara Gardner
18:45 Clyde Extensive Reading Foundation Reception and Awards Ceremony Jeremy Harmer
Thursday 22nd March
Time Venue Session Title Presenters Video
08:15 Alsh 2 How to move from being a teacher to becoming a teacher trainer Silvana Richardson
08:15 Alsh 1 How to write successfully for IATEFL Conference Selections Tania Pattison
09:00 Clyde Plenary session by Steven L. Thorne
10:25 Alsh 2 Breaking down the AWL: selecting and grading academic vocabulary Julie Moore
10:25 Carron 1 Applying m-theory to m-practice: adult learners with mobile devices Claire Hart
10:25 Gala 2 Netbooks in class: science fiction or everyday practice?
10:25 LEVEN Addressing the Training Resource Deficit Utilizing Open Corpora and OER Alannah Fitzgerald
10:25 Dochart 2 Top tips for success with IELTS teaching and learning Louisa Dunne
10:25 Shauna "EFL for journalism undergraduates: meeting local needs" Gloria Sampaio
10:35 Clyde English for development: creating opportunity for developing countries Michael Carrier
11:20 Staffa Don't tell the police - they're not important. Danny Norrington-...
11:45 Gala 2 An ecological, bottom-up approach to the implementation of technology in the English language classroom Thomas Ewens
11:45 Boisdale 1 Dogme and blogging in three social spaces: classroom, staffroom, chatroom
11:45 Dochart 2 Revising and Recycling Lexis Leo Selivan
11:45 Clyde epublishing and language learning: how far do you go?
11:45 Lomond PEARSON SIGNATURE EVENT - 21st Century Skills for ELT
11:45 Morar Making sense out of chaos: professional development with social media Ann Foreman
11:45 Barra Discovering research - a teacher-friendly approach Deborah Bullock
11:45 Shuna Rebuilding Babel Sally Parry
11:45 Boisdale 2 Writing a statement of teaching philosophy Simon Williams
11:45 Ness Creating an IEP Pronunciation Center: Procedure and Findings Sophie Farag
12:15 Dochart 1 To put it simply. Teaching through and about Simplicity. Martina König
12:15 Ness Mumbling - a technique highlighting the importance of sentence stress Mark Hamilton
13:45 Carron 2 Furnished imagination: what new teachers take to work Richard Kiely
13:45 Dochart 1 Learning English through Problem Based Learning in the Digital World Andrew Bosson
13:45 Boisdale What’s in your blended teaching toolkit? Valentina Dodge
13:45 Staffa > learn language: Using Interactive Fiction for digital game-based language learning Joe Pereira
13:45 Ness Sound Advice: improving listening, pronunciation and intonation with the Internet Suzanne Cloke
13:45 Alsh 1 Continuing professional development in ELT: an online British Council initiative Richard Gresswell
13:45 Barra Academic oral presentations: look who's talking! Maggi Lussi Bell
13:45 Alsh 2 ‘Team teachership’: factors attecting the nature of team-teaching interactional relationships Jaeyeon Heo
13:45 Dochart2 Young learner writing and the storyline approach Sharon Ahlquist
14:00 Poster presentation Reconsideration of Communication Strategies: English as a Lingua Franca Perspective Mayu Konakahara
14:30 Forth Thinking in the EFL class Tessa Woodward
14:30 Leven Literary understanding and language development in a foreign language context Sandie Mourao
14:30 Ness The 3 p's of a Speaking Skills syllabus: poetry, plays, presentations Barry Cusack
14:30 Shuna English for Accounting – what is it? Evan Frendo
14:30 Carron 2 The Impact of Teacher Education on In-Service Teachers’ Beliefs Simon Borg
14:30 Dochart 1 Taking ESOL Higher students further: Previewing SCHOLAR online learning materials Mark Watson
14:30 Dochart 2 Social networking sites for CPD of Indian English teachers Kalyan Chattopadhyay
14:30 Boisdale 2 A second self: Motivation, Imagination and L2 Identity Jill Hadfield
14:30 Boisdale 1 Vocabulary & Technology: Are they a perfect match? Mark Osborne
14:30 Alsh 2 Preparing students for IELTS and PTE Academic: A comparison Fiona Aish
14:30 Poster Presentation Construction of Identity in Teacher Candidates BIRSEN TUTUNIS
14:30 Staffa EAP Study Skills: Contrasting views on what/where/when/how Clare Fielder
14:30 Staffa EAP Study Skills: Contrasting views on what/where/when/how Clare Fielder
14:30 Morar Outside the comfort zone – getting comfortable with challenging your students Geoff Hardy-Gould
15:05 Poster Presentation Mystory – Encounter of Me, Academia, Online and Writing Ania Rolinska
15:30 Dochart 2 Tips for Teaching IGCSE English as a Second Language Rosemary Westwell
15:50 Dochart 1 Reading Activities Spiced Up With Web 2.0 Eva Buyuksimkesyan
15:50 Dochart 1 Implementing Digital Storytelling with teens Maria Victoria Sa...
15:50 Shuna The Importance of Quantitative Literacy in Academic Writing Seda Gurdere
15:50 Gala 1 Symposium: Continuous professional development through social networking
15:50 Dochart 1 Symposium: Technology and teens
15:50 Gala 1 #ELTchat - Hashtagged Conversations & Continuous Professional Development through Social Networking Marisa Constantin...
15:50 Dochart 1 Technology & Teenagers Graham Stanley
15:50 Gala 1 What has #hashtagging ever done for us? Shaun Wilden
15:50 Morar Implementing self-directed learning in higher education Veronica Dal-Bianco
15:50 Dochart 1 Mobile Phones in Grade 8 - Hot or Not? Karin Tıraşın
15:50 Gala 1 What can you do with a PLN, anyway? Barbara Hoskins S...
15:50 Gala 1 Symposium: Continuous professional development through social networking
15:50 Dochart 1 Syposium: Technology and Teens
15:50 Clyde The use of L1 in the classroom Alexandra Reynolds
15:50 Alsh 2 Teacher development through peer presentations: the experience of EELTPA Aschalew Teklu
15:50 Leven A Quiet Revolution Went Unnoticed Ying Liu
16:00 Poster Presentation ICT competence of language teachers through an online course Svetlana Titova
16:35 Ness Pronunciation in the movies! Wayne Rimmer
16:35 Dochart 2 Who's a legitimate speaker of English? Renata Franco Wilmot
16:35 Boisdale 2 The usefulness of knowing what kinds of preposition there are Seth Lindstromber...
16:35 Gala 2 The Academic Collocation List – A tool for teaching academic English Kirsten Ackermann
16:35 Alsh 2 Me, myself and IELTS Richard Brown
16:35 Shauna Proficiency (a few) books away Higor Cavalcante
16:35 Boisdale 1 Why can't my mum and dad speak English? Jo Smith
17:35 Alsh 2 Let’s take a fieldtrip! A guided tour of digital literacies Kristina Smith
17:35 Forth The Three I’s of Graded Video: Inspire, Inform, Integrate John Hughes
17:35 Clyde ELTJ Debate: What has changed in ELT since 1995? Not much! Keith Morrow
17:35 Dochart 2 Writing your own materials – plusses and pitfalls Lucy Palmer
17:35 Jura The use of ICT technologies in a distance learning based in Sudan Omer Elmahdi
19:00 Alsh 1 Voices of Spring Nikolina Korecic
19:00 Clyde Pecha Kucha part 1
20:00 Clyde Pecha Kucha part 2
Friday 23rd March
Time Venue Session Title Presenters Video
09:00 Clyde Plenary session by James E. Zull
10:25 Boisdale 2 The CELTA Online - one year on
10:25 Alsh 2 Literature Circles: collaborative learning in the EFL classroom Osman Bedel
10:25 Carron 1 English Corner Online - social networking for learners of English Jonathan Dykes
10:25 Orkney Exploiting L1 Knowledge in English Teaching: Teacher Education Possibilities GEETHA DURAIRAJAN
10:25 Leven Getting their attention- How to teach with an IPad Steven Bukin
10:25 Carron 2 Integrating projects into a year round pre-sessional: practice and perceptions.
10:25 SECC - Morar How 'critical' can Critical Friends be? Quantifying critical skills development. Catherine Mitsaki
10:25 Shuna YOUR POLITENESS OR MY POLITENESS? Politeness Matters in Intercultural Encounters Rudi Camerer
10:25 Carron 2 Integrating projects into a year round pre-sessional: practice and perceptions. Rachel Elmslie
11:40 Staffa Not goodbye to all that: enabling skills-sharing for sustainability. Andy Keedwell
11:40 Orkney No words: ideas for using sound and images in class Michael Harrison
11:40 Forth Bridging the culture gap in the classroom Hugh Dellar
11:40 Boisdale 1 12 steps towards webinar success Sarah Milligan
11:40 Gala 1 Examining Emerging ELT Professional Presence across the Blogosphere Kerstin Müller
11:40 Jura From TEFL to TEAP, starting with 'A' (for Academic) Steve Kirk
11:40 Gala 2 A Material Contribution by Target Training GmbH Phil Walker
11:40 Dochart 2 Reflective practice – we don’t do that here! mike solly
11:40 Alsh 1 Challenging Sacred Cows in Teacher Training Silvana Richardson
11:40 Dochart 1 Blending Moodle: using Moodle to support EAP writing projects Paul Louis
11:40 Barra A Fair Assessment for English Language Learners Andresa Pontes
12:40 Ness How to Develop Successful Learning in Adult Beginners Nicola Perry
12:40 Staffa Incorporating Dogme ELT in the Classroom Martin Sketchley
12:40 Dochart 2 Life as an in-house corporate trainer - moving beyond the classroom Chris Bowie
12:40 Boisdale 2 Where is the video? Rachel Appleby
12:40 Leven Singing, chanting and rapping creatively in the YL classroom Jane-Maria Hardin...
13:40 Clyde Plenary session by Derek Dick