Six key questions for teachers and trainers at the crossroads by Jeremy Harmer

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I have been dreaming of attending one of the sessions by Jeremy Harmer and it actually happened today. In his session, Jeremy Harmer discussed six important and thought provoking topics which teachers must deal with.

a) Does a teacher need to be competent in technology? The audience had different opinions as almost half agreed and the other disagreed.
b) Does correction actually work? Opinions were different for this topic as well.
c) Is grading and assessment necessary?  does it have an educational benefit? It certainly does if it is designed well since it will have a great effect on the students' motivation.
d) Should we teach content then focus on language?
e) How do we measure a good teacher? The idea is that creating a good teacher-student relationship might not be as important as showing and teaching with knowledge.
f) Drilling language through repetition. Is it a good technique?

Harmer states that trainers can lead, therefore when trying to teach teachers, it is of utter importance to help them grow through what they have learned. In other words, a trainer's job is to provide the teachers with tools to start an interrogation with what the teacher has taught them.

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