Pervasive playfulness and mobile technologies for embodied language learning by Paul Driver

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Dear All


Paul Driver uses technology to enhance his students' learning skills. He uses Google Maps to create an artifact used for storytelling. Every student uploads photos of streets or places and tells a story about them. He explains about a project that he is currently working on with his students: The language learners in this game are aliens and they have come to research earth including the people, the surroundings and objects. The students are required to describe objects as if they are seeing them for the first time in their life. Driver showed an example of a student describing a road sign, glass and other objects. The activity is amazing for anyone wanting their students to use language in a creative way.


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Thanks for the write up Nahla!

Just a couple of small corrections for posterity. The title was "Pervasive playfulness" (not "persuasive" although I think that title would also fit nicely).

The other thing is that the students don't exactly take photos of streets or places in order to tell stories about them - the stories are being told (and recorded) as they move, sneak, strategize, run, hide through the city in real time. The media gathered along the way are designed to be a side-effect of them fulfilling their roles as good spies (i.e. contextual and in action). They are audio reports of their surveillance and photos/video of their movements and the actions of the spy and any rival team members they manage to identify along the way.

As you say, the media is all brought together post game for reflection, storytelling and analysis but this is a secondary goal.

I could have done with an extra hour to have explained everything better. It was a lot to squeeze in to 45 minutes and I'm sure I didn't explain things as well as I could have.

Anyway, great work!


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