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Gerge Pickering is a leadership and management coach, consultant and trainer. He has worked in over 60 countries helping individuals and organisations achieve their objectives and develop themselves. He can be contacted at: georgeuk32@aol.com


The main issues of his presentation were how does performance work; what are the tools of performance management; what are management styles; how to assess performance and who does the assessment; what development opportunities do you provide; how do you monitor progress; how to manage exceptional performance and how to reward performance.


Performance management is a process, not an event. It works in a continuous cycle of:


1. Planning (identify, clarify and agree on expectations; identify how results will be measured; agree on monitoring process; document the plan)

2. Monitoring (monitor and evaluate progress; take corrective action or make changes, if required)

3. Rewieving and evaluating (annual performance review and evaluation; sign off; new cycle begins...)


Basically what you want as a manager is to have a good, happy, effective TEAM, a term that beautifully stands for  Together Everyone Achieves More! ;)

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