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Teachitworld is a unique resource for English Language teachers. Our online libraries house over 4000 pages of classroom materials, computer-based (or 'whizzy') interactive activities, audio recordings, teaching tips, images and newsletters, all created by practising teachers and – thanks to our team of contributors – constantly growing. Teachitworld's subscription services, offering editable teaching materials, audio resources and weekly news-based lessons, enable us to function as a small, no-frills business, but more importantly, to share a proportion of revenues with our contributors.

Products / Services

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Lively and authentic downloadable audio recordings and accompanying activities.
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Up-to-the-minute news lessons published every week – based on The Week magazine.
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Make the most of your interactive whiteboard or computer suite with our interactive 'whizzy' resources.
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Lucy Palmer, ELT Editor, is giving a workshop on 'Writing your own materials – plusses and pitfalls' from 5.35 to 6.53 pm on Thursday 22nd March in Dochart 2 room. If you're looking to supplement the course book, prepare an ESP class or take the first steps towards getting published, do come along!


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