Interviews - Wednesday, 21 March

On Wednesday, 21st March we've carried out interviews with:


  • Vicki Hollett
  • Lindsey Clanfield & Luke Meddings
  • Associates from around the world
  • Michael Carrier
  • Penny Ur
  • Jeremy Harmer
  • Robert Hill
  • Associates from France, Japan and Bulgaria
  • Hornby scholars from Venezuela, Ethiopia, Nigeria  from Venezuela, Yemen and Nigeria
  • Interview with associates: Patricia Rose (the Netherlands), Simon Gillett (Korea) and Dimitrios Primalis (Greece)
  • Scott Thornbury
  • Hornby scholars: Awgichew Arega and Getachew Melaku Yitbarek (Ethiopia)
  • David Graddol
  • Catherine Walter
  • Meet the Online Team with Marion
  • Russel Stannard
  • David Heathfield
  • Andrew Hockley


You can now watch the all here