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This is the Glasgow Online Team which will be bringing you our conference coverage of the 46th Glasgow IATEFL Conference.

Julian WingI'm based in London and work for the British Council as a Product Manger in English and Exams. I've worked for the British Council in Colombia and Brazil. This is the sixth IATEFL Online conference I've been involved in. I worked with members of this team to bring you Brighton Online [2011], Harrogate Online [2010] Cardiff Online [2009], Exeter Online [2008] and Aberdeen Online in 2007.

I'm a web developer for the British Council Learning and teaching suite of websites. I've worked on the IATEFL Online project for the past 6 years. If you've been with us the last couple of years, then you'll know that every year, we aim to bring you new, innovative communication and presentation tools to better cover the Iatefl conference.

Gavin Dudeney I'm Gavin and I'm Chair of the Electronics Committee (ElCom) of IATEFL. I've also been Honorary Secretary, Coordinator of the Learning Technologies SIG and the newsletter editor too. I've been volunteering for IATEFL for quite a few years now and enjoy the chance to meet people from around the world and work with people who share the same passions. I'm looking forward to another successful online conference and hope to meet you all there.

Neil BallantyneI'm Jack and I work for the British Council on the Premier Skills website. I'm based in Sri Lanka. This is my first year on the IATEFL/British Council online web team and I’m really excited to be involved.

Devo ForbesDevo's worked as an English teacher and writer for many years. He currently lives in Lisbon. Devo managed the LearnEnglish Central website. This is his fourth year working on the IATEFL Online project.

I’m Monika and I work in the British Council Warsaw office as a Partnerships and Projects Manager. I’m involved in the English language project supporting teachers and learners. It’s my first time working on the IATEFL Online project and I’m really excited to be a part of the team!

Chris CaveyChris has worked as an English teacher and writer for many years. He currently works in the British Council based in Manchester. This is his third year working on the IATEFL Online project.

Chris ShelmerdineI'm a web developer working with the British Council. For the past four years I've worked on various web related projects, and currently I'm involved with our Learning and Teaching English Websites. This will be my third IATEFL conference that I've been invited to work on and I'm looking forward to another successful conference.

Sirin SoyouzI'm Sirin and I'm ELT E-learning Coordinator for the British Council in Turkey. This is my second year working on the IATEFL Online project and I am glad to meet you online once again. If you would like to use the live coverage as a reason to organise teacher training and/or teacher development session, you can contact me at Sirin.Soyoz[at]

Online Live Presenters

Rob LewisRob's worked as an English teacher, trainer and writer for over ten years, on peacekeeping English projects in Ukraine, Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina, then in British Council teaching centres in Mexico, Slovakia and Italy. He currently lives in Warsaw and manages the TeachingEnglish website.

Andi WhiteI’m Andi and I am a freelance teacher and teacher trainer based in Hamburg, Germany. This year,one again, I have the honor of working with the IATEFL Glasgow Online team as your guest presenter interviewing conference presenters and delegates. I am looking forward to this exciting opportunity and to meeting you online.

Nik PeacheyNik Peachey is an ELT consultant, writer and teacher trainer based in the UK. He has been involved in ELT since 1992 and has worked all over the world. He now works part time for Bell Educational Trust teaching on the online DELTA and developing online courses. He also works as a lecturer for Westminster University on their MA TESOL. The rest of the time he spends working freelance for various companies including the British Council, Open University and Delta Publishing and writing a number of blogs on learning and technology..

Kirsteen DonaghyI’m based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia working for the British Council. I work on designing teacher training materials that are delivered worldwide. This is my third year working directly with the IATEFL Online team and I have used the IATEFL Online videos in training sessions for the past 5 years. I am looking forward to being part of the team and having lots of laughs.



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I'm looking forward to a long term association with IATEFL and the team. Do keep me updated.

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