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Hi everyone

This is where our colleagues who attended our PCE on How to Combine Teaching and Researching today can post summaries of the presentations.

Our PCE programme can be found here.

Watch back this space!


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Well, it's taken us a while but - thanks to Ana - we have now put our powerpoints and handouts up online, on the Research SIG's website, here:

We got some positive and useful feedback, posted 'in the raw' below. If you were at the event (or even if you weren't), please feel free to follow up in any way you like with your own comments here.

We're now looking forward to next year's PCE in Liverpool (8 April 2013), which will be on 'Classroom-based Research', featuring Steve Walsh. Further details here:

Best wishes

Richard (on behalf of Sarah Mercer and Ema Ushioda, too)

Feedback on Research SIG Pre-conference event, 19 March 2012 – ‘How to combine teaching and learning: Focus on Learners and Classroom Learning’

  • Participants were invited to note ‘good points’ and ‘points to improve’ on sheets of paper and to submit these anonymously at the end of the day. Answers are collated under these two headings below.

    Are there any patterns emerging from the data?!

  • Good points

    • ‘Feedback’ and ‘Feed-forward’ – a new notion to me, makes me aware
    • Setting – chairs in circle enables to to talk
    • I-statements: useful notion for me (I will definitely use it in my research)
    • Structured but still flexible enough to ask questions and make comments
    • Very relevant to my own research interests – focus on learners and learners’ input
    • Good balance between perspectives: teachers, researchers, learners
    • Excellent speakers – stimulating – even though a bit stuffy in room!
    • Developments and implications arising out of today’s event were made clear, e.g. Glasgow Online forum etc.
    • Various speakers
    • Focus on practitioner research
    • Very informative
    • Input about how to analyze I-statements
    • Examples of learner histories and how to analyse them
    • Analysis of standardized student feedback questionnaires
    • Well-organized
    • Good balance between input and interaction
    • Informative handouts
    • Practical perspectives
    • Presenters were approachable
    • Clear and real research examples
    • Stimulating presentations
    • Underlining the importance of getting feedback from learners in order to improve teaching strategies
    • Lots of interactivity and opportunity to share thoughts and experiences
    • Group work – good way to get everyone involved, even if not everyone will share their ideas with the whole room
    • Practical examples of research we could try ourselves, e.g. reflective writing and I-statement analysis
    • Many ideas to think about
    • I-statement analysis as an additional tool
    • Good balance of input and networking
    • Good mix of presentations and discussions
    • Loved the ‘additional tools’ because they were new for me
    • Good presentations
    • Feel motivated to do more research myself
    • New ideas
    • Thinking about my own situation
    • The relationships between teacher and students are clearer now
    • I know how to apply these tools with my learners
    • Commitment to practitioner research and ways of promoting sharing the work of participants
    • Collaborative and interactive
    • Inclusive: presenters did not present themselves as being the authority figures
    • Good balance of input and discussion
    • Not too formal
    • I found out a bit more about unfamiliar research methods
    • Everything was very interesting and very stimulating
    • I have a lot to take away
    • I feel motivated to try out some of these ideas and keep pushing forward to develop a research culture among practitioners
    • Relevant to my teaching / researching situation
    • Interesting
    • Interactive
    • Meeting other people with similar interests
    • Forum for future discussions
    • I really enjoyed the session today
    • I learned a lot that I can take back to the school I work at and try and apply
    • Time flew by!

    Points to improve

    • More fresh air in the room!
    • Carousel groups – so you get to work with different people and find out about their research/teaching situations
    • A bit stuffy in room!
    • More interactions
    • More attention to cultural differences as many of us come from different backgrounds
    • More input from audience
    • I would like to learn more about research methodology
    • I would like to learn more about how to balance the holistic teachers’ / practitioner’s point of view and the necessarily focused (academic / applied linguistic) point of view.
    • [I would like to learn more about] how can I limit the scope of my Phd project if I want to make sure it remains do-able.
    • More theory on research methodology
    • More hands-on activities on data analysis (both qualitative and quantitative)
    • More involvement from the participants
    • Sharing more experiences
    • Shorter coffee breaks – to allow for more discussion during sessions
    • A slightly larger room. Not your fault at all, but even though not all 45 participants turned up, we still seemed to keep knocking into each other! I think there was a good number of people, but maybe request a larger room next time!
    • Teachers need a window to publish their ideas. It would be good if the SIG can provide this.
    • Next door’s session too noisy.
    • We need to talk more about our own situations (‘researchers and learners’)
    • More acknowledgement and exploration of practical constraints (plenty of discussion but rather in the abstract – but what about the practicalities of (having to) getting things published in ‘respected’ journals / dealing with managers etc.?
    • Most of the research presented seemed to focus on high level learners. Difficult to see how some of these would apply to low level learners.
    • I’m not a big fan of powerpoint but that’s minor
    • The room was a bit warm
    • I just wish we had more time

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