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About 10 years ago I read an article by Lisa Jardine in the London Review disputing the then almost general outcry in the media that technology, especially the internet, were spelling the doom of books and the habit of reading.

Ten years on, I would like to know what our members and visitors think of it.
Are books and literature compatible with new technologies?

The debate is open :)
Cheers - Chris

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Hi Chris & All

Considering your question " Are books and literature compatible with new technologies?", I'd say Yes! However, we should also ponder on some relevant points. For instance, some developing countries where still exists a deficit of technology knowledge, along with inadequate training, digital illiteracy is an issue to take into account.

On the other hand, in the so-called developed areas of the world we have been observing such a fast ongoing development in technology! New tech tools are providing us with a wide range of apps that, in our view, are facilitating reading, approaches to books and literature. Especially the Internet provides an immeasurable source of digital materials allowing us the possibility of making sensible choices, exploring them in a variety of ways. At the fingertips of (some of) us e-zines, e-books, e-newspapers are a reality.So the world of literature just needs e-readers, e-learners, e-teachers...



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Hi All

Right... people know that I am all in favour of new tech stuff. So much so that I coordinate an Online Reading Group :)

However, I still don't have a Kindle and, to be honest, I don't think I want one. I love my paperbacks and my hardcovers!! Simply love them... and I will not exchange the pleasure of touching and smelling paper for a feable e-book. Call me contradictory if you like, I can take it :)

I think e-reading is great but so are paper copies and I wish every teacher and every student could have access to both worlds.

Cheers - Chris

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Sure they are compatible.
e.g. books have more authority than most of the stuff found on the Internet (IMHO).
Books it's something approved,
something you can study page by page before you start using the technology.


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