Interesting articles or chapters on learner / teacher autonomy that you've read?

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Hi everyone

I'm writing this with a reviews 'hat' on as I'd like to encourage you to share with readers of Independence (the SIG's newsletter) - see - reviews of individual papers, or single chapters from books, to do with learner autonomy, teacher autonomy or related issues, that you find/have found interesting, thought-provoking and/or game-changing for you as a teacher, teacher educator, student or researcher.

I'm really hoping to see personalized reviews of individual papers or book chapters that have helped you reflect on, and develop, your practice and engage with the development of learner (and/or teacher) autonomy with your learners (and/or colleagues).

Somewhere between 1200 and 1800 words or so in total would be great! ... and the papers or chapters do not need to be the most recent: often writing that influences us is not newly published, but may date back several years or more. So you have a wide choice here!

Hope this sounds like an interesting thing to try! Please contact me on this topic thread or at if you would like to contribute to the future issues of Independence in this way. Many thanks!

Andy (reviews editor)

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