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Glasgow Online is the interactive web coverage of the 2012 IATEFL Conference in Glasgow. The Glasgow Online website features live and on-demand video webcasts of conference presentations and workshops. Glasgow Online provides teacher audiences worldwide with an opportunity to share ideas with colleagues before, during and after the conference.

Our interactive coverage makes it possible for teachers to get a taste of the 2012 Glasgow IATEFL Conference.

Even if you can't attend the conference yourself, we invite you to watch live and on-demand video content (video webcasts of conference presentations, workshops, interviews with presenters and conference delegates) and interact with teachers all over the world around key themes and conference content in the Glasgow Online discussion forums.

Our online coverage features:

  • live and on-demand video webcasts of conference presentations and workshops
  • video interviews with presenters and conference delegates
  • photos from the conference
  • conference reports
  • moderated discussion forums

Please let us know if there's something you'd like to see added to our conference coverage.

We will film over well over 50 hours of conference content and make it available free on the Glasgow Online website. In addition to the video sessions, you will be able to watch live plenaries and live interviews each day with presenters and conference delegates.

Yes, the Glasgow Online moderated forums provide you with a space to share ideas and comment on all aspects of teacher development before, during and after the conference. You will need to


on the Glasgow Online website to post a message or leave a comment.

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Watch out for activity during the conference and join the discussion. Twitter works on your mobile phone, too (via text/sms).
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All our live video will be available via our 'Live Channel'


You can add [or change] a photo by clicking on your name, which will take you to your profile page. Then you need to go to the edit tab and scroll down to the picture section of the page. Alternatively you can just click on this link

this should take directly to the page. Once on the page just follow the instructions.

First - if you are a presenter at the IATEFL Glasgow Conference, to upload your presentation to the Glasgow Online website, you'll need to Apply for a 'presenter account'. You can do this when creating a new account or if you already registerd from last year and have signed in with those credentials, you'll see on the top left a link to Apply for a "Prestenter role'


Once your presenter account has been approved, you will see a 'What's next' button on the front page of the Glasgow Online website saying: upload presentation material to Glasgow Online Click this button - this will take you through the process of uploading your materials.


Here are some instructions on how to upload your materials to this website:

(1) Go to the front page of this website:

(2) In the top-left of the Glasgow Online homepage, click on - upload your presentation link – This takes you to the ‘Create Session’ page

(3) You will now be on the session upload page – please read the information at the top of this page.

(4) Enter details of your session. Further instructions are provided on the upload page to help you with this process. Please make sure you go through all the tabs (Session details, When and Where, and Associated Documents)

*Please note (i):

Presenter names entered on this presentation upload page need to be the user names from this website. When uploading your presentation details, please use your user name as the presenter of the session.

- If two people are co-presenting your session, you can add more than one name (all session presenters should be registered on the site first)

- You can come back to this page and edit your session information at any time

- There is a maximum file size (20MB) for each file you upload

- If you need to check the abstract you submitted to IATEFL, please refer to your proposal and copy the text you submitted (there is a 60 word limit for your abstract)

*Please note (ii):

- If you have any problems with uploading documents or any other information to the Glasgow Online website, please use the ‘contact us’ form.

Note: that if you have several attachments, the upload process can take some time. Please don’t close your browser window until the screen refreshes and you see the message: Session XYZ has been created

Finally… We very much hope that you’ll be able to upload your session materials before coming to the conference.


The IATEFL Conference Committee and Glasgow Online Team


Once your 'presenter account' has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

Once you have logged in again you will be able to upload your presentation to the Glasgow Online website

To create a session page,

Go to the 'sessions' page

In the 'Presenter Quick Links' click 'add a session'


Please follow the instructions at


1. Click on the  Sessions  link in the top navigation bar

2. Here you can find your session under your last name

3.  Click on your session

This should take you to your session page

Sometimes it may take some time to process, edit and upload. Please be patient, it will be there shortly. 

The objective of this initiative is to encourage teacher associations (TAs) to organise events so that TAs and their members can take full advantage of the Glasgow Online project. We are encouraging TAs to organise workshops and events either during or shortly after the Glasgow Conference. If you would like more information on setting up a local Glasgow Online event, please contact Sirin Soyoz, Glasgow Online Project Assistant Email

A Teacher Association could organise a face-to-face event where TA members are invited to view video sessions from the 2012 Glasgow IATEFL Conference from the Glasgow Online website. These can be either 'live' sessions or sessions that are recorded and made available on-demand.

This initiative might provide teacher groups and Teacher Associations with an opportunity to gather their members together for a development opportunity where they could discuss with each other the session(s) they watch.

Scheduling an event for a ‘live’ session will require additional equipment. This would include data show (or data projector) and a computer with reliable Internet connection.

After the conference, you might decide to give a presentation and make use of the Glasgow Online materials. You might decide to give a workshop as part of your teacher development programme and view video sessions and discuss the content as part of a group. As part of the activity, you could organize a pre-session so participants can watch videos and read forum threads in their own time before your presentation.

We provide a range of live and on-demand video. You will be able to watch live interviews and the conference plenaries throughout the conference. These videos will also be available on-demand. Our live channel will be broadcasting from 09.00 to 17.00 (UK) each day of the conference. Please visit our live schedule on the Glasgow Online live channel page Visit the Glasgow Online website for updates throughout the conference.

Glasgow Online will stay up for at least a year after the conference so you have plenty of time to watch the videos and contribute to discussions long after the physical conference has finished. You can still visit the 2011 Brighton Online website at